Taking Inventory

To take inventory, go to Parsley's inventory section (accessed by clicking on Inventory at the top of the Parsley screen), and then select Take Inventory at the top left, under the green search bar.

The screen that opens will contain all the ingredients in your inventory list, with a space for entering their quantity, and next to it, the unit of measurement for that ingredient.

For ingredients with predefined suppliers and costs, you can take an inventory count in the unit that it was purchased by (such as a case, a bag, or by the lb), and if the ingredient is packaged, you also have the option to take inventory by sub-measurements. For example, if you're purchasing it by cases of a certain weight, you can take inventory by case, or by weight. If it's a case of bottles, you can take inventory by case, but bottle, or by volume.

In the example below, we have the option of inventorying AP Flour (purchased from US Foods), by the number of 50lb bags, or by the lb. These options are accessed by clicking on the down arrow to reveal the pull-down options.

In the following example, the Almond Butter can inventoried by the case, by the jar, or by the pound.

For ingredients that have not yet been priced, you have the option of entering the unit of measurement that you'll be using for inventory, and also of updating the pricing (by clicking on the green Update button to the right of the ingredient).

Once you enter the inventory quantities, ingredients that have a cost associated with them, will have a value on the right side, indicating the value of the ingredient that you have in inventory. At the bottom of the inventory page you'll find the total value of the inventory.

Click Save at the top right of the page to Save any changes and inventory values you've entered. You can return and add more information to this inventory list any time till 4am in the morning, by clicking on Continue Taking Inventory at the top left of the page (under the green search bar).

After 4am the inventory for that day is closed, and you'll be taking inventory for the following day.

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