Suppliers and Costs

For each ingredient, you can have one or more suppliers, and each supplier can supply the ingredient in one or more units of measurement or package sizes, with a different price for each option. You specify the default supplier and packaging, and that's what Parsley will use when costing a recipe or generating a purchase order. However, when you place an order, you can select one of the alternative package sizes, or assign the ingredient to a different one of its suppliers.

You can also specify “nested” packaging. A example of nested packaging is purchasing olive oil in a case of 12 bottles of 1 liter each.

Below is an example of an Ingredient Edit page for dried chickpeas that includes multiple supplier options and multiple packaging options. The first, from Whole Foods, is bulk purchase by the pound. The second is from Costco - in a 5lb bag. The third is from Sysco in a 10lb bag. And the fourth is also from Sysco and is nested packaging - a case of 20 x 3lb bags.

In this case the lowest cost option is the case from Sysco, but the default has been set to Whole Foods, because the user normally likes to purchase smaller quantities. You can change the default to any option you want by clicking on the corresponding round “radio” button in the Default column.

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