You can change any recipe on Parsley to a sub-recipe. Sub-recipes can be used as an ingredient by other recipes, and will also be included in Parsley’s ingredient list along with its cost and nutritional information.

Examples of recipes that you’re likely to use as sub-recipes are salad dressings, pie fillings or crusts, spreads for sandwiches, glazes, sauces, etc. To turn a recipe into a sub-recipe, first click on the nested recipe checkbox that’s below the costing section of the recipe. Once you click on it, Parsley may give you an estimate of the raw ingredient weight or volume of the recipe. Parsley will do this only if it has sufficient information about the ingredients to give a reasonable estimate. You can then let Parsley know how much that recipes makes. If it’s a salad dressing, you can probably do that just by using Parsley’s estimate. If it’s a cooked item, like a balsamic reduction, you may need to measure it yourself to know the target volume or weight.

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