Recipes are at the heart of Parsley. They are the basis for calculating your costs and your par levels, figuring our your prep requirements, creating orders, and computing costs. They can also automatically provide you with nutritional information, and special features within the menu editor let you quickly see cost breakdowns, scale your recipes, convert between different units

of measurement, and set the recipe to be a “basic unit” (more on that below).

Cool Fact

You may have a recipe in units of measurement that are inconvenient. For example, it may measure flour and sugar by the cup, and you’d prefer to measure them by the pound or the gram. Parsley can take care of that for you. You enter the recipe as you have it. Then change the unit of measurement any ingredient you like, and the quantity will change accordingly. For example, one cup of flour will convert to 125gr, and one .

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Recipe Structure


Basic Units


Recipe Costing

Recipe Scaling and Printing

Cost Breakdown

Nutritional Information

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