Recipe Structure

Parsley lets you enter your recipes with multiple steps, and each step can have ingredients and preparation instructions associated with it. in addition, for each ingredient you can enter the quantity in any unit of measurement supported by that ingredient, and the prep for that ingredient. Below is an example. Note that you don’t have to supply a quantity for each ingredient! But the quantities allow Parsley to give you accurate costing and more accurate Pars levels and purchase orders.

Cool Fact!

Once you’ve entered a recipe, you may find that you want to change the order of the ingredients, add a step in the middle or the top, or move an ingredient from one stop to another. All this is doable with Parsley’s Drag-n-Drop capability.

Once you’ve told Parsley how much a sub-recipe makes, it will give you the costing for that unit of measurement, and once you save it, you’ll find that Parsley now treats it as an ingredient that can be used by other recipes.

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