Recipe Nutritional Information

Parsley calculates the nutritional information for each recipe by adding up all the nutritional information from its ingredients, including the nutritional information of any sub-recipes that are used. Allergen information is triggered by the presence of the allergen in one or more of the ingredients. For example, if one of the ingredients or sub-recipes includes tree nuts, then the recipe will be flagged as containing tree nuts. Following is the nutritional information for Brown Rice Spaghetti with Pesto & Pinenuts

Serving Sizes

For regular recipes, the nutritional information will be presented per portion (1 serving = 1 portion). However, you can change that by editing the serving field, so that it's any multiple of the portion size (for example a serving could be equal to 0.5 portions, or to 2 portions).

For sub-recipes, the nutritional information will be presented for one serving that equals one of the basic unit of measurement that you've defined for that sub-recipe. For example, if the sub-recipe is measured in cups, it will be for one cup. But you can change it to equal any quantity as long as it's within the measurement types that are defined for that sub-recipe. For example, for sub-recipes marked as making a certain weight of ingredients, serving size can be defined by weight, which means that a serving could equal 75gram, or 0.1lb. If it's defined by volume, then the serving size can be any volume measurement, such as 0.25 cups, or 3 tablespoons. And if it's defined by portions, then any multiple of that portion can be used.

Ingredient List

The recipe's ingredient list is sorted by weight, with the largest contributors first, and the smallest last. Ingredients marked as "Non-Edible" are not included. We automatically mark water as Non-Edible so that it won't be included in the ingredient list. Other ingredients that should be marked as Non-Edible (see how to do that in Ingredient Nutritional Info) include paper ware, serving ware, and cooking utensils.

If the ingredient list needs editing before you print it out (sometimes the ingredient names need adjustment), you can do that after clicking print.


Any allergen that appears in the recipe's ingredients, or in the ingredients of any of its sub-recipes, will appear in the recipe's allergen information.

Dietary Characteristics

Parsley determines a recipe's dietary characteristics based on the ingredients appearing in it and in any sub-recipes that is uses. For example, a dish is determined to be Vegetarian if it does not contain meat, poultry, pork, fish, crustaceans, or molluscs. And it's marked as Dairy Free if it does not contain any ingredient containing milk.

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