Recipe Costing and Pricing

Parsley automatically calculates the per-portion cost of each recipe, and displays it in real time on the recipe edit page. As you change the recipe, or change the portion size (by changing the number of portions that it makes), the cost information is instantly updated, so you can immediately see the effect of these changes. The recipe cost is displayed in the left, right below the recipe name, description, and categories.

The cost calculation includes the cost of any sub-recipes that a recipe uses, so changes to sub-recipes, as well as any changes to ingredient costs, will immediately change the cost per portion.

In addition, on the same line, Parsley includes a recipe pricing tool. You can enter your target food cost percent, and it will calculate the price, or you can enter a price and see the target food cost percent. In the example below, we entered a price of $7.00, and got a food cost percent of 12.4% (good number!).

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