Purchasing for One Event or Forecast

Parsley lets you order for one or for multiple forecasts or events

To order for one event or forecast, from Parsley's Ordering section, first click on the name of the event or forecast that you're ordering for (in the example below, on the Tuesday par).

Once the event or forecast is open, click on the Purchase Orders button at the top right of the page.

You will then get a list of everything that needs to be purchased, sorted by supplier (see below).

A few notes:

  1. Any ingredient that does not have a supplier and cost associated with it will be listed under Unknown source.

  2. If it's a packaged ingredient, and you need less than a whole number of packages, Parsley will round it up to the next whole number. But under the "Needed" column, it will show you the fraction of the package that is needed.

  3. If you need more or less than the quantity Parsley is suggesting to order, so for example, if it says that you need 0.1 of a 50lb bag of potatoes and therefore should order a whole bag, but you have half a bag of potatoes on hand, you can delete the potatoes from the order by clicking on the Remove button to the ingredient's right. And if it suggests to order a 50lb bag of flour but you'd prefer to have two bags on hand, you can change the quantity to two.

  4. If you have two or more packaging options under which you purchase an ingredient from a certain supplier, Parsley will offer you the one that you'd set as a default. But you can change it by clicking on the Unit pulldown, and selecting the packaging that you want.

  5. Parsley will suggest you purchase an ingredient from the supplier and in the packaging that you indicated is your default. However, if you prefer to purchase from an alternative supplier (perhaps because the order from the default supplier would be too small) you can do that by removing it from the default supplier, and clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the list for the alternative supplier. You can then select that ingredient and quantity.

  6. If there's an ingredient that does not appear on the purchase order, but that you'd like to order (perhaps because you're running low on a staple and want to make sure you have it on hand), you can do that by going to the list for the ingredient's supplier, clicking on the Add button at the bottom, and adding it.

Once you've made any adjustments you'd like to make to the order, you can go and ahead and print it all out (button at top right), print a separate order for each supplier, or email an order to one or more suppliers.

The first time you send an email to a supplier, you'll need to enter the name of the person you're sending it to, and their email address, plus any special instructions. Parsley will retain that information for any subsequent orders to that supplier. The first time you send any email to a supplier, you'll need to enter your own delivery address. For all subsequent deliveries, Parsley will remember the address and fill it in automatically. Note that you can always make changes to those values, and they will be retained for any subsequent emails.

Parsley will then send the order to your supplier, with a copy to you.

Purchasing for multiple events in Parsley is similar to purchasing for one event, with the exception that the purchasing needs to be done from the Ordering page, where all the orders are listed.

To oder for multiple events and/or forecasts, go to the Ordering page, and select all the days or all the forecasts or events that you want to purchase for.

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