Purchasing to Par Plus Special Events

If you have special events that need to be taken into account and added to your regular Par-based forecasting, Parsley can add them to your standard Par.

Here's how to purchase to Par plus foecast:

  1. Create the event or events that need to be included on the Purchasing page. Reference
  2. When you're ready to place your orders, first select the events that you want to include
  3. Once selected, the "Purchase to Par" button will change into "Purchase to Par plus <event name>, <event name>...", with all the events that you've selected listed on the button.
  4. Clicking on the button will open the standard pop-up which will allow you to select the vendors you wish to purchase from, as well as whether or not to subtract inventory. Remember that you should only subtract inventory if you've taken a recent inventory, that reflects your current supplies.
  5. You can then click to view and place your orders

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