Purchasing for Multiple Days or Events

Purchasing for multiple events in Parsley is similar to purchasing for one event, with the exception that the purchasing needs to be done from the Ordering page, where all the orders are listed.

To order for multiple days, events and/or forecasts, go to the Ordering page, and select all the days or all the forecasts or events that you want to purchase for.

In the screenshot below we're purchasing for Wednesday through Sunday, by clicking to select those days. We could order for less days. We could also omit one of the events, such as the Smith's Wedding and order for it separately, but usually you could order for one or more consecutive days.

One we've selected the days, the Purchasing button (top left) becomes active, and indicates the number of events that we're purchasing for. Clicking it brings up the purchasing window, where we can select which suppliers we want to purchase from. In this case we've selected only Costco, the Farmers' Market, and Sysco

We can then click on View Orders, at the bottom right, to see and make any needed modifications to the orders. We can then print them or email them, just as we were able to do when we were purchasing for one event or forecast.

Note that for packaged ingredients, Parsley always creates orders assuming a whole number of packages or cases. When the need is for a fraction of a package, it will always round up to ensure that you purchase enough. The column on the left, titled "needed" tells you how much is required, the number next to it is the rounded-up number. However, you can reduce the purchase quantity if you want, by editing the rounded-up number. You can also enter fractional cases, such as 0.5 case, or 0.25 case.

You also have the option to add additional items to each order that as long as they are supplied by that supplier. Click on the Add button at the bottom of each supplier's list to add additional items.

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