Printing Recipes

Parsley offers two recipe printout formats: a native format that separates the ingredients by steps, and includes the instructions for each step with the recipe, and an alternative one in which all the ingredients are listed first, and then the preparation instructions. You can choose either one when you’re printing.

When printing a recipe that uses sub-recipes, the sub-recipes are can optionally be included in the printout. If they are included, they will scaled to the required quantity.

In addition, Parsley lets you choose the recipe size you want - so you can print the recipe scaled to the quantity you want to prepare, without changing the basic recipe in Parsley.

You can print any recipe by clicking on the Print button at the top right of the Recipe Edit page

When you click on the print button, a pop-up window lets you select the format you want, and whether or not to include sub-recipes. Once you select a print mode, Parsley remembers it, and will use that mode on all subsequent prints, until you change it.

If you want to change the recipe size that's saved in Parsley - make it bigger or smaller - you can do that by clicking on the Resize Recipe button, that's located at the top right of the recipe's Ingredients and Preparations section.

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