Preparations and Yields

For each ingredient, you can enter standard preparations that can then be invoked in the recipes that use it. For example, for onions, you can include “chopped”, “halved and sliced”, “braised”. When you mark them with “advance prep”, Parsley will also provide a prep list for every forecast or order, that adds up all the preps of a certain type. So it can provide you a summary of how much chopped, sliced, and braised onions you’ll need for a certain day or a certain number of orders.

In addition, you can enter the yield for that type of prep, which will adjust your recipe costing and your purchase orders to reflect that yield. For example, if your yield on trimmed beef brisket is 70%, the amount of beef you order will be adjusted up to take that loss into account.

Below are screenshots for the preps we use for onions and for beef brisket, as well as preps for lemons (wedges, juice, zest).

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