Measurement Conversions

Parsley uses three basic types of measurements - weight, volume, and count - and it automatically converts between different units of the same type. For example, it will automatically convert between any volume units, such as tablespoons, cups, liters, and gallons, and it will automatically convert between any weight units, such as grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces.

However, in order to convert between different types of units, for example between weight and volume, or between weight/volume and count, it needs to know the conversion ratio, such as the weight of a cup of flour or the weight of a medium apple. For most ingredients we've preloaded this information from the USDA. However, if an ingredient you’re working with doesn’t have that information and you need it, you can add it yourself. To do that, go the ingredients section of Parsley, click on the ingredient you want to edit, and update the Measurements section of that ingredient. Below are a couple of examples. The first is the Measurements section for All Purpose Flour.

Below is a second example - the Measurements section for Mango. It includes both the weight of a single mango, and the weight of a cup of mango. You can adjust as you like. In particular, you can change the weight of one mango, depending on the average size you’re using. You can also change the name of the count unit from “each” (now in light grey) to “medium” or “large” or any other name, by clicking on the word “each” and entering the name you want.

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