Parsley's inventory capabilities are an integral part of Parsley, which means that ingredient, recipe, and supplier information is all used by the Inventory section to help you take and track the value of your inventory.

Following is an overview of Parsley's inventory feature, followed by links to chapters showing how to use it


  1. Your master inventory list is created automatically for you - The list Parsley creates includes all the ingredients used in your recipes, as well as any additional ingredients that you've costed, but not yet used in your recipes.

  2. You can then add ingredients to your inventory list, or remove ingredients from it - For example, if you sell coke bottles, or wine, but haven't yet entered supplier information for them, you can add them to your inventory list. And if Parsley has included ingredients that you don't want to inventory, you can remove them. In both cases, Parsley will remember your changes for future inventories.

  3. As you add new recipes, or add ingredients to existing ones, the new ingredients will be automatically added to your inventory list - Parsley monitors new recipes and changes to existing ones, and adds any new ingredients to your inventory list.

  4. You can take a partial inventory - Parsley will save whatever inventory you've taken on a given day, whether it's partial or full.

  5. You can take inventory incrementally during the day - Inventory for the day is finalized and saved by Parsley at 4am the following morning.

  6. You can take inventory by ingredient location (geo-coding), GL account, or any other category tag

  7. Multiple people can take inventory of different kitchen sections simultaneously - Their inputs will be saved onto the same inventory sheet

  8. You can take inventory with your computer or any mobile device - As with other Parsley functions, you can take inventory using your laptop or desktop computer, your phone, or your tablet, and a Chrome browser.

  9. You can count inventory by the units of measurement that you choose - For example, you can count ingredients by package (such as 2.5 cases), by sub-packages (for example, by the bottle even if you're purchasing these bottles by the case), or by unit of measurement (such as lb) even if the ingredient is purchased by the case

  10. The value of your inventory is calculated automatically - The total value of your inventory is displayed at the bottom of your inventory page, and is based on the cost information on the day that it was taken. If you display only a subset of the your ingredients (by selecting one or more ingredient categories), Parsley will show the value of that inventory subset

  11. Past inventories retain the ingredient costs for the day the inventory was taken.

Creating Your Inventory List

Taking Inventory

Taking Partial Inventory

Geo-Coding Your Inventory

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