Geo-Coding Your Inventory

You may want to group your inventory according to it's location - for example, Cold Storage 1, Cold Storage 2, Freezer...

To facilitate this, you can create a category for each location, and add all the ingredients that should be there to that category. Parsley allows ingredients to belong to multiple categories, so you can, for example, include an ingredient in the category Dairy, and also in the category Cold Storage 2.

In the example below, we've selected a number of ingredients that we want to add to a new category that we're going to call Dry Goods 2. You can create a new category of ingredients - such as Cold Storage 1, or Dry Goods 2, by selecting the ingredients you want to add to put in that category, and then clicking Add To Category. As you select ingredients, the Add to Category and Remove from Category buttons are highlighted.

Clicking on Add to Category opens a pop-up. At its bottom you can enter the category to which you'd like to add these ingredients. It can be an existing one, or in a new one.

In this case we chose to add a new category called "Dry Goods 1". When type it and hit return, and the category is created, and the selected ingredients are added to it.

On the Inventory page you can now select the category Dry Goods 1, and take inventory only of the ingredients in Dry Storage 1. More on that in the section on Partial Inventory. You can later take inventory for other areas of your kitchen. They will all be added into the inventory for that day.

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