Parsley’s recipe editor, menu editor, and order editor, allow you to drag and drop ingredients or dishes from one section to another, and to rearrange sections.

In the recipe editor that means that you can change the order of ingredients within an recipe step, or move ingredients from one step to another, or rearrange the order of the steps in the recipe, or create a new step and drag it to any place within the recipe. To move ingredients, hover your cursor over the ingredient you want to move. A “hamburger” (three horizontal lines) will appear between the ingredient name and its quantity. Move your cursor over it, press down, and drag the ingredient the place you want. Then release and the ingredient will stay in its new place. To move a step from one position to another hover your cursor in that step to the left of the ingredients. A four-line hamburger (a “cheeseburger”) will appear. Grab it and move the section to the position you want.

Similarly, in the menu and the order editor, hovering your mouse over a dish will display a hamburger right after the name of the dish. Click on it and drag the dish to the location you want. And hovering the mouse to the left of the dishes in a section will display a cheeseburger. Click on it and drag the section to the location you want.

In the example below, the hamburger appears next to the ingredient Tahini. You can grab Tahini and drag it to the step and location that you want.

And in this second example, the cheeseburger is by the Desserts section of the Lunch menu. Grab it to drag the Desserts section down to the bottom, after the Entrees.

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