Creating Your Inventory List

If this is the first time you've taken inventory, click on "Take Inventory" to start. Note - the first time you take inventory, loading the inventory page may take a minute or more. This is because Parsley is creating your inventory list for you, including all the ingredients used in your recipes, plus any ingredients that you've costed but are not using yet.

Once your first inventory has loaded, you will see all the ingredients, along with the categories associated with them.

Cool Fact

As you add new recipes, or add ingredients to existing ones, the new ingredients will be automatically added to your inventory list. Parsley monitors new recipes and changes to existing ones to make sure your inventory list is up to date.

You can add ingredients to your inventory list by clicking on Add Ingredient at the top right. You can remove ingredients from the list by clicking on "remove" to the right of the ingredient that you want to remove. Once you add or remove an ingredient from your ingredient list, Parsley will remember, and next time you take inventory, the ingredient list will include your changes.

You can create a new category of ingredients - such as Cold Storage 1, or Dry Goods 2, by selecting the ingredients you want to add to put in that category, and then clicking Add To Category. As you select ingredients, the Add to Category and Remove from Category buttons are highlighted.

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