Adding New Ingredients to Your Parsley Ingredient List

Note: When adding new ingredients to Parsley's pre-loaded list, you can either create completely new ones, or you can copy an existing ingredient, and give it a new name. If the ingredient you're creating is similar to an existing ingredient - for example, you want Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Parsley only has Olive Oil - it's preferable to copy the existing Olive Oil and give the copied ingredient the new name. This is because the basic USDA data associated with Olive Oil (the conversion between weight and volume, and the nutritional information) are likely to be very similar, and will carry over to the new ingredient that you've created.

You can add ingredients to the preloaded list supplied by Parsley in several ways:

  1. In the Ingredients page of Parsley, click on "+ New Ingredient" at the top of your account's Ingredients page
  2. Find a similar ingredient in the Ingredients page, hover over it, and click on "copy" to its right.

    Parsley will then open a new ingredient called "Copy of <the original ingredient name>". You'll be able to enter the name you want, but the conversion between units of measurement will carry over from the original ingredient, as will the nutritional information.

  3. When entering a recipe in the recipe editor, or in a supplier's ingredient list, if you find you're missing an ingredient you can add it directly as described here.

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