Creating an Event or Forecast

Click on "New Event or Forecast" on Parsley's ordering page to enter a new forecast, par, or event (such as a catering order, a special dinner, or other pre-ordered events).

Once your clicked on New Sales, a new page will open. The required fields are the par, event, or forecast name, and the date it is taking place.

You then have two options: You can either load an existing menu from your menus section - if you've created one - or you can enter the menu for this event directly in this page. To load a menu, click on Load Menu (middle left of the page), and select the menu you want to load. You can load any of the menus you've created in the Menus section. To enter it directly on this page, click on the Select field to add dishes to each section, add new sections by clicking on Add Section. And you always have the ability to move sections around, as well as rearrange the order of the dishes or the sections they belong to, by using Drag-n-Drop.

Once you've entered your menu (either directly or by loading an existing menu, or by loading an existing menu and modifying it), and have entered the quantities that you forcast for it, you'll have several options, indicated by the buttons that light up (see screen shot below):

  1. Issue purchase orders for the ingredients you'll need for this order (Parsley will calculate that for you)
  2. See the cost breakdown of the order, letting you know which ingredients contribute most to your cost
  3. Print out a prep list, indicating all the Advance Prep ingredients (which could be chopped onions, or trimmed meat,) as well as the quantity of sub-recipes - such as salad dressings or sauces) will be needed for the forecast or event, but clicking on the Prep button
  4. Print out all the recipes for the event, including the regular recipes and the sub-recipes by clicking on the Recipes button.
  5. Save the menu you created or modified, but clicking on the Save as Menu button. If you'd loaded a menu and then change it, Parsley will give you the option to either replace the menu that you loaded, or to create a new one. If you created it from scratch, Parsley will ask you for the name of that menu and then save it. Any menus you created or modified here, will appear in Parsley's Menus section

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