Ingredients - Overview

Parsley comes preloaded with an large list of standard ingredients. Most of them are culled from the USDA database. Some others (such as various kitchen equipment and table ware) have been added independently for your convenience. You'll probably find that most of the ingredients you use are included in our standard list, but you can also add as many additional ingredients as you like. More on that here.

The USDA database includes additional information that Parsley uses, including conversions between weight and volume (for example, the weight of a cup of milk, or of a cup of flour), and the nutritional content of that ingredient.

To find this information, go to the Ingredients page of your Parsley account, and click on one of the ingredients. Here, for example, is the ingredient edit page for Almond Butter

Cool Fact

You probably won’t use many or most of the standard Parsley ingredients. But you can still leave them in your account, because as Parsley realizes that you’re not using them, it will prioritize them lower on search results. This means, for example, that if you always use Kosher Salt, and not Sea Salt, when you type in Salt, the first selection that appears will be Kosher Salt.

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