Changing Units of Measurement

Parsley automatically converts quantities between different units of measurement. Which means you can enter a recipe in pounds and ounces, and then convert it all to grams. Or, if an ingredient (say flour), is entered in cups, and you want it in ounces or grams, Parsley will do that conversion for you too, based on the USDA information in its database for conversion between weight and volume of flour. To to this, enter your recipe as you have it. Then click on the unit of measurement by the ingredient you want to change. The quantity will change automatically to correspond to the new unit of measurement.

In the example below we change the butter from ounces to grams

We do this by clicking on the unit of measure (in this case "oz). A pull-down appears

And then from the pull-down we click on, and Parsley immediately adjusts the quantity to indicate 170g

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