Ingredient and Recipe Categories

You can assign each recipe or ingredient in Parsley to one or more categories. The number of categories is unlimited, and you can assign each item to as many categories as you like. There are several tools you can use for that purpose. Watch the quick video below to see them all, or scroll down for screen shots and descriptions.

Adding Categories from Within the Recipe or Ingredient Edit Pages

Category Editors

Using the Parsley category editors, you can create new categories, change category names, merge, and delete categories. The category editors (one for Recipe categories, and one for Ingredient categories) are accessed from the pull-down menu under your name at the top right of you Parsley screen. See screen shot below.

Once you select the editor you need, it will let you edit any category name, merge two or more categories (giving the new, merged category, any name you want), and delete categories. In the example below we're about to merge Produce and Fruit into one category. To do that we've selected Fruit and Produce, and we'll click on the Merge Selected button.

"Add to Category" and "Remove from Category" buttons on the Recipes and the Ingredients pages

If you want to add a bunch of recipes or ingredients to a category, you can do that in a batch in the Ingredients or the Recipes pages: For example, you can go the Ingredients page, select a number of ingredients and add them to a category (either an existing category or a new one that you create as you're adding them), or delete them from a category that they already belong to. The buttons are at the top of the Ingredients and the Recipes pages. In the first, we did a search for "squash", then clicked on "Select All" to select all the ingredients that contain the word "squash". Once we clicked on "Select All", it turned into "Deselect All", and clicking on it will deselect them.

In the second, we've clicked on Add to Category, and am adding them to the category Produce (note that we could have also created a new category called Squash and added them to it, just by typing the word "Squash" and hitting Enter, instead of selecting Produce).

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