Recipe Batches

The essential unit of measurement for all Parsley recipes that are served to customers is the "Portion". Dishes are costed, priced, and ordered, but portion. But for some recipes, cooking is normally done in multiples of "batches", and cooks are used to thinking in terms of cooking a batch, or two batches, or half a batch. Similarly, cakes may be cooked in "sheets".

To make it easier to handle recipes that are cooked in batches, the Parsley recipe editor includes an optional field, where you can enter the number of batches a recipe makes. You can also change the name from batches to any other name you choose, such as sheets, trays, etc. When a cook resizes or prints a recipes, they then have the option to specify the quantity in terms of portions, or in terms of batches. Parsley will handle either one, and will scale the recipe accordingly.

In the example below, the chocolate lava cakes are cooked in batches of 12 portions.

When clicking on Print or on Resize Recipe, the user can specify the number of portions OR the number of batches. The recipe will be scaled correctly in either case

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