Adding Photos to Your Recipes

In Parsley's recipe editor, you can add a photo to your recipe description, and to each one of the recipe steps. This can be done through drag-n-drop, or by clicking on the "+ Photo" icon at the bottom right of the recipe's "Add description" and "Add instructions" sections. The photos will be scaled down to fit in the page, but clicking on them will open a pop-up with a larger view.

The screen shot below shows a recipe as we're dragging a photo into it. As the photo is being dragged, the optional locations where it can be placed are highlighted

The next screen shot shows the same recipe after we've inserted all the photos we wanted

Clicking on any one of the photos shows it in full size (we store them at 500x500)

Photos can be removed by clicking on the Remove button at the bottom right of the photo pop-up, or by clicking on Remove Photo at the bottom right of the associated recipe description or recipe instructions field.

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