Adding New Ingredients from Within the Recipe and the Supplier Editors

If you’re entering a recipe and realize one of the ingredients does not yet exist in your Parsley account, you can add that ingredient directly from the recipe editor. This can b be done in two ways: Either click on the down arrow in the ingredient name field an the first option you’ll see is New Ingredient.

When you select it, a pop-up page appears letting you add the new ingredient, or, start entering the new name. When Parsley can’t find a match, it’ll offer you to create a new ingredient. Hit Enter, and the New Ingredient pop-up will appear.

Once there you can select Copy from existing ingredient (which is the recommended option if you have a similar ingredient, that’s likely to match both in terms of weight to volume conversion and nutritional value), or Create New.

The same can be done within the Supplier edit page, as you're adding ingredients that you purchase from that supplier. Click on the pulldown menu, and select New Ingredient. It will work the same way as it does in the recipe editor. See below.

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