Add a New Supplier While Editing your Recipe Ingredient

When adding cost information to an ingredient (either in the Ingredient edit page, or while updating ingredient information from the recipe editor or the inventory page), you may find that the ingredient's supplier has not yet been defined. You can add the supplier directly as you're adding the ingredient cost, by clicking on supplier, and from the pull-down menu, selecting "New Supplier" (which is the first item from the top). In the example below, this is done from within the ingredient editor. While editing a recipe, Parsley notified us that it didn't have the cost information for Cocoa Powder. In adding the cost information, we realized we hadn't yet added its supplier to our list. In this case we can click on New Supplier

Once we click on New Supplier, a pop-up appears that let's us enter the supplier information. Note that the only required field here is the supplier name, all the rest is optional, and can be added later if needed.

Once the new supplier name is added (in this case we added Baldor), we can continue entering the ingredient cost information.

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